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Welcome to the ADHD test.

You are about to start the exam to test if you suffer from ADHD dissorder Press "1" or "2" on your keyboard if you are ready

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Instructions for the Tester

Instructions for the Tester on how to Administer the MATH-CPT

To the tester:

The MATH-CPT is a standardized test used for individuals between the ages of 12 and 90. The MATH-CPT should not be administered to individuals with severe dyscalculia, as doing so may yield misleading results.

            The Mathematics Continuous Performance Test (MATH-CPT) is a computerized test aimed at assessing attention with various types of attention. You should either let the examinee read the instructions or else read the instructions to the examinee. The instructions to the examinee are on the main page under the title “Instructions” and are labeled “Instructions to the Examinee”. After the examinee understands the task, return to the main page and select “Practice” and let the examinee try the 30 trial problems. Following the practice, the examinee may start the test itself.

To the examinee:  

The test consists of simple arithmetic problems of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. No answer is greater than 9. It is important to note that this is not a test of mathematics since the problems are very easy. The problems and their suggested solutions appear on the computer screen one after the other, as in 1 + 1 = 2.  Your task is to look at the problem and decide whether the proposed solution to the problem is correct or incorrect. If the solution is correct, press number “1” on the keypad (on the right side of the keyboard) as quickly as you can.  If the solution is incorrect, as in 9 – 6 = 4, press number “2” on the keypad as quickly as you can.

            The test is quite long. Most people need more than ten minutes to answer all the questions.  Try to do your best.  Do not guess.  Try to concentrate throughout the test.

            If you make a mistake, you cannot correct it since the program moves on to the next question.  Do not worry about mistakes-everyone makes them.  If you press a key other than “1” or “2”, a message will appear on the screen telling you to press number “1” or number “2” to continue the test, since only answers of “1” or “2” are acceptable.

To summarize, these are your tasks: 

  1. You must give an answer. This means pressing number “1” if you think the solution to the problem is correct and pressing number “2” if you think the solution to the problem is incorrect.
  2. Answer as quickly as you can by pressing the appropriate key. The computer measures your response in thousands of a second. Guesses are inappropriate. Try to avoid guessing.

When you finish the test, you will be able to see the raw data only.  If you want to see your standardized score, which is a comparison between your scores and the norm based on your age, you will have to pay through PayPal or Credit Card. The price for each test is $10.00. When you complete the test, you will be returned automatically to the ‘Home’ page where you can pay by pressing “Pay Now.”    

To the tester:

In case the examinee cannot finish because of fatigue or for any other reason, you can press the combination of “Shift” and “9” (Shift+9) during the test to stop the test. This act is not recommended since all information collected so far will be lost. Stop the program in the middle only if you have no other choice and you are aware that you are about to lose all the data.